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Engineer Salvador Angulo

MBA, PMP, founding Partner. Since 1989 he has been the technical manager of the organization, managing high-impact projects. He is the president of the SELCOMP group.


(NAL)01 8000 112819 ext: 7021;
Bogotá: 3382828 ext: 7021

foto Diana Morales

Engineer Diana Morales

Electronics engineer, PMP, specialist on Project Management with ITIL certification. For over 15 years she has directed operations and projects, with more than 25 years of experience in the computer technology field.


(NAL)01 8000 112819 ext: 7010
Bogotá: 3382828 ext: 7010

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Engineer Andrea Melo Justinico

Systems engineer with over 10 years of experience managing the company's processes of supplying and stocking.


(NAL)01 8000 112819 ext: 7009
Bogotá: 3382828 ext: 7009

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Admra. Jenny Guerrero

Financial Director since 2015, with studies in Administration, Public Accounting and International Accounting Standards. More than 6 years experience in financial accounting, auditing and costs.

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Admra. Ledy Giraldo

Business Administrator Specialist in Project Management and Human Management, with 10 years of experience in Human Management processes and people, committing them to its growth and fulfillment of the organization's objectives. She is currently the director of the Human Management department at the company.


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