Computadores Para Educar project (Computers for education)-Colombia

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Maceo, Antioquia. Computadores Para Educar project (Computers for education) of Ministerio de las TICS.

Computadores Para Educar project(CPE).

Computadores para educar (CPE) By plane, by boat or on horse back, we reached the entire country

Since year 2008 we have reached 1200 educational institutions all over the country offering services of technical support and teaching how to use the computer equipment from the CPE (computadores para educar) project.


In 2012 with our service, we reached 1065 educational institutions in the countryside and 223 institutions in the urbanized areas


Through the Service Desk each month we reply to 5000 calls on average, achieving all service standards established for the program and our call center obtained a 95% level of satisfaction among our final clients.


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